I dub thee….

Wow, what a bumper crop of amazing names this year! After Sir Grinnell tallied up over 5,000 votes across over 400 suggestions, we have a final list of 6 suggestions:

Hippocrates, Edward (Jenner), and Florence (Nightingale), who all pioneered tremendous advances in medecine from Twitter user @mengsuchang / Instagram user @changmengsu and Facebook user Jingcheng Shi.

PoppySequoia, and Redwood for California’s state flower and trees from Twitter user @talinden.

Doe, Koshland, and Moffitt, after three of Berkeley’s main libraries from Twitter user @amisha007 and Facebook users Allison MacLean and Ann Glusker.

Hamilton, Tamalpais, and Diablo after three prominent peaks in the Bay Area from Instagram user @amayfromthebay / Allie Mayer.

(Julia) Morgan, (Rosa) Scrivener, and Marian (Diamond) after three pioneering women in UC Berkeley’s history, in celebration of Berekely’s 150th anniversary of women students from Jennifer Monahan and Whendee Silver on Facebook.

and the winner of our children’s entry:

Harry, Ron, and Hermione, protagonists of the Harry Potter series, from Freya (@mattjongrant on Twitter) and Luria Namba’s 4th grader on Facebook.

Vote for your favorites below: