Thank You 2022

Photo: Bridget Ahern,

The 2022 breeding season is drawing to a close. The chicks are still on campus, but have only sporadically been visiting the Campanile. We will still try to document any sightings on camera, but can’t make any guarantees about where they will choose to spend their time!

This has been a truly unprecedented year and we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in this project. First and foremost, we’d like to thank Annie and Grinnell for establishing this territory and defending it year after year. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Alden for stepping in as a parent for the chicks and saving this breeding season. And of course, we wanted to thank our chicks, Grinnell Jr. and Lindsay, for providing so many wonderful moments this year.

In the non-feathered category, there is an army of people and institutions who made this happen. We would like to thank:


–172 Crowdfunding Donors for initial webcam funding

–Thousand of t-shirt supporters for additional webcam and stream support funding

–The University of California, Berkeley

-Permanent Network Funding:

Office of Chancellor Christ


-Facilities Services:

Karen Larsen

Maria Garcia-Alvarez

Eric Ellisen

Todd McFerren

Daniel Bohnet


-Berkeley News

Gretchen Kell


-Communications and Public Affairs:

La Dawn DuVall



Martin Garcia

Gary Thomas

Pablo Membreno



Sparky Carranza

Wade MacAdam


–Nest Box Construction:

Mary Malec

Paul Romanak


–Nest Box Installation:

Doug Bell

Sean Peterson

Lynn Schofield

Mary Malec


–Camera Installation:

Peter Sharpe

Doug Bell


–Nestling Banding 2022:

Zeka Glucs, Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group

Natalie Tan-Torres


–Website Design:

Sean Peterson

Lynn Schofield

Carla Cicero

Michelle Koo


–Camera Operation 2022:

Sean Peterson

Lynn Schofield

Jan Ambrosini

Mary Malec

Allison Levin

Lauren Martin

Christina Tarr

Brian O’Laughlin

Bridget Ahern


–Hatch Day Party

Lia Keener

Yuerou Tang


–FledgeWatch 2022:

Mary Malec

Jan Ambrosini

Allen Fish

Allison Pennel

Denise Peck

Daniel Armstrong

Cheryl Elmore

Brian O’Laughlin

Marisa Burman

Linda Locke

Erika Donald

Kris Diede

Bridget Ahern

Suzanne Marr

Christina Tarr

Patricia Young

Joy Melvin

John Davis

Paul Romanak

David Mostardi

Lauren Martin


–Social Media:

Sean Peterson

Lynn Schofield

Mary Malec

Allen Fish

Danielle Perryman

Annika Pohlo


And finally, we’d like to thank everyone who watched every moment with us, from first egg to first flight, your enthusiasm, curiosity, and excitement has really driven this project.

Thank you.

-The Cal Falcons Team

Doug Bell, East Bay Regional Parks

Carla Cicero, UC Berkeley – Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Allen Fish, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory

Lia Keener, UC Berkeley

Mary Malec, East Bay Regional Parks/Golden Gate Raptor Observatory

Danielle Perryman, UC Berkeley

Sean Peterson, UC Berkeley/SUNY ESF

Lynn Schofield, The Institute For Bird Populations

Peter Sharpe, Institute for Wildlife Studies

Yuerou Tang, UC Berkeley


Interested in helping support Cal Falcons? You can donate to the program here. Donations will be used for camera maintenance, outreach, education, and research.